Cosmetic Acupuncture & Medical Micro-needling 

On your initial consultation, a full medical history will be taken and a skin analysis will be carried out to determine any concerns and the goals of the treatment. 

Cosmetic Acupuncture stimulates the collagen production to help you get a natural glow.  Our treatment programs combine facial, neck, and body acupuncture. We use ultra-thin needles to balance the skin from the inside out. Acupuncture needling is followed by a relaxing face massage that soothes the skin. The 75-minute session comes to an end with a Cliniccare EGF peptide-infused mask.

Medical Microneedling Collagen Induction Therapy (60mins)

At Cosmetic Acupuncture Wisdom, we employ evidence-based strategies for ‘collagen induction’ and to create the desired results via needling. A numbing or anaesthetic cream is applied topically to ensure a relaxing and 100% painless experience. Next, we use a medical-grade dermaroller on the skin in addition to Cliniccare EGF peptide-infused masks and serums to encourage quick healing and natural collagen production.

The invigorating experience is intended to eliminate mental and physical exhaustion that accompanies a busy lifestyle. Acupuncture and needling affect the hormone release, initiating internal and external healing in the entire body. It will also help you sleep better and adopt a healthier way of life.