Cosmetic Acupuncture (90mins)

Athena’s signature treatment starts with an in-depth consultation. It covers everything from a detailed medical history to lifestyle and health goals. That way, she can curate a personalised treatment plan to maximise results. 

The treatment starts with cleansing the skin to prepare for the face, neck and ears needling. Now your skin is ready for a targeted LED face light followed by a sheet mask. While you relax, the therapist needles your body and legs and massages your hands to revive your full body. After removing the needles, skincare will be applied to address your unique needs. Now follows a deep and relaxing face massage to release muscle tightness, sculpt the face and ensure the deepest penetration of the active ingredients.

Initial Appointment & follow ups: £295

6 treatments package: £1475 (5 treatments + 1 free)

Medical Microneedling (Add-On)

Athena offers Medical Microneedling supplementary to the Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment, to treat larger areas of acne scars & pigmentation, and to improve skin texture and tighten the skin.

It works by creating pinpoint punctures in the skin to trigger its natural healing process. That helps generate new collagen and elastin– the essential building blocks of the skin that deplete as we age. A numbing cream is applied to ensure you will have a relaxing and painless experience. Minimal downtime and redness are assured by Athena’s smooth but effective technique. 

There will be a minimum of four weeks between the Microneedling treatments. 

Add-on price: £75

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