Wisdom LED Face Shield Mask

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Combining ultra-light nanotechnology with LED technology, this product is sure to bring you spa standard treatment in the comfort of your home! LED Light Therapy is designed to reduce inflammation, pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles by stimulating collagen production. Through the emission of visible wavelengths, this product helps combat acne by targeting bacteria.

Designed in a way to fit perfectly to your face, this product is the future for skincare. Place it on your face for up to 30 minutes 3 to 5 times a week for an unbeatable glow and healthier skin!

Through the emission of blue and red light, the wavelengths sit between 400 and 750 nanometres on the electromagnetic spectrum.

  • The Blue Light fights off bacteria to treat acne.
  • The Red Light on the other hand, allows it to penetrate deeper into the skin to boost the production of collagen and blood circulation.
  • The Orange Light brightens skin tone complexion, reduces pigmentation, and smoothens scars

LED Shield Masks, compared to in-clinic treatment don’t bring out the same results as the latter is milder. However, this LED Face Shield attains a wavelength that goes up to 750 nanometres and scientific evidence suggests that with regular usage you can notice visible changes from the first try!

If you wish to experience luxury skincare and want to eliminate the hassle of going to the clinic, this LED Face Shield is what you need to get your hands on today!